What’s New – Updates from the MYOB Conference 2020

MYOB Conference 2020

MYOB continues to grow and change to meet the needs of its customers with a large proportion of their client base now being online in some form.

Whether it be a hosted environment or a full cloud solution.  As our servers age and need updates or replacement we are visiting the options of full cloud, part cloud (hybrid) or continuing to have an on-premise server.  There isn’t a one size fits all and we are happy to discuss the options with you to determine what is best for your business.

MYOB Advanced

The total number of sites using MYOB Advanced has exceeded 900, that is phenomenal growth in such a short period, exceeding MYOB’s initial predictions.

MYOB Advanced has undergone a number of changes and enhancements in the last 12 months with MYOB developers ensuring that the localised product fits our market and has all the features needed; integration to NZ banks via bank feeds, integration with the IRD.

The product functionality and features continue to grow with a new User Interface (UI) being introduced and now in use by nearly all users of MYOB Advanced. The new look and feel makes the product easier to use and to customise with a ‘favourites’ area as well as a fantastic search that allows you to search for the function you need and all the options, menu, help etc are displayed.  Two Factor Authentication (2FA) has been added and in use for all users to improve security.


MYOB Exo has by far the largest customer base with in excess of 3000 sites (given that it has been around for 20+ years that’s not surprising), with a significant number of new sites added in 2019.

The recent change to the underlying development technology provides a platform for further development.  In the last 12 months we have again seen significant changes in the security levels offered in the product and we are about to see a new UI introduced in an upcoming version which provide users with a fresher looking screen that handles larger monitors and allows the screens to resize more effectively.

The introduction of scaling is a major change and one several of us have been asking for, for some time.  With larger screens available and better resolution on those screens the letters and numbers are sometimes just a bit too small.  These changes will allow you to alter the resolution to suit your comfort zone.

The introduction of e-invoicing between software systems is on the horizon removing the need to print or email a PDF document.  This is a fairly recent initiative to adhere to a standard format for outputting electronically invoice information will allow all software vendors to change their systems to all send and receive of this information into your system; no key strokes required.  It’s early days but we will keep you posted.

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