Case Study: Top Tranz


Top Tranz uses MYOB EXO Business with another programme, Job Plus, which has been developed by local business Softplus. Developer Bruce Walton says Job Plus integrates with MYOB EXO Business to offer an all round product for Top Tranz.

“In particular, Job Plus manages all of Top Tranz bookings for jobs and allows them to schedule where the work is happening. They can despatch drivers and see where an order is at, all from their desk.” “We integrate Job Plus with MYOB EXO Business because it gives Top Tranz the reliability of a trusted accounting package, with the flexibility and specialisation of Job Plus,” Bruce says.

“We believe the integration gives Top Tranz the best opportunity to grow their business and give them the best software available. With MYOB EXO Business and Job Plus combined, Top Tranz is offered a range of efficiencies.”


Marcus says the simplicity of using MYOB EXO Business with Job Plus has made running a complex business a lot easier. “We now have an electronic, paperless dispatch system that all of our staff find easy to use, mixed with the user friendly, robust MYOB EXO Business.”

Top Tranz are supported by MYOB partner, Aztech Solutions Limited, who Marcus says offer very good support for the specialised software.

“The initial training for the staff was very helpful in getting us up and running. Since then we have used Aztech to solve any problems but the simplicity of using the MYOB software means everyone is confident using it,” Marcus says.

“I believe choosing to use MYOB EXO Business, which gives you the option to integrate with other programmes, has been a great decision for Top Tranz.”

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