Thinking about moving to the cloud?

Thinking about moving to the cloud?

It is exciting to see the changes in software and how it is delivered with the ‘cloud’ solutions becoming more popular each year.

Why move to the cloud?

A cloud environment allows you to become more mobile without the need for you to have specialised software and a suitable device available to enable you to login remotely to a server. Any smart device that supports a browser can give you the ability to get to your business application and see what is happening.

Is this your current environment?

Maintaining software on the PC’s, Microsoft Operating system updates, anti-virus software, hardware updates and vulnerabilities, Office Software (Word, Excel etc) and a myriad of patches and updates is expensive.

Add on your server, more patches and updates are required, the backup software, disks for your backup and making sure that you run a good backup routine – having at least two offsite backups that can be used in the case of a disaster. The costs keep mounting up and we typically take this in our stride as a cost of doing business.

Do you really want to be responsible for all of this, or have someone else take care of it for you?

Technology changes quickly and that fast, reliable server you purchased four years ago is now obsolete, new software from Microsoft and other providers no longer runs on your machine. Time for a new server – but what to buy, how do I future proof it, can I get five years out of the next one.

There is a whole industry of ‘anti’ products that have come into being over the last 20 years all to stop invasion of our databases and if you don’t continue to invest you become more vulnerable.

Ensuring that your site is secure and that the ability for viruses, hackers and ransomware specialists to hop on board is becoming significantly more expensive each year. The threat of attack and the additional spend are many of the reasons that customers are looking for a secure server environment that they don’t need to maintain nor upgrade on a regular basis.

Take the worry and concerns about hardware/networks and vulnerabilities, move to ‘the cloud’ and future proof your environment. Let the cloud provider do what they do best while you concentrate on what you do best.

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