Stay ahead of the curve with MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition

Stay ahead of the curve with MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition - Feature Image - Aztech

Stay ahead of the curve with MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition

Stay ahead of the curve with MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition

It’s official: Aztech is one of the first to become accredited in MYOB’s new Advanced Manufacturing Edition.

And with our help, you could be one of the first companies in New Zealand to take advantage of this advanced software. But what is Advanced Manufacturing Edition, and do you really need an accredited vendor?

Let’s take a closer look

MYOB’s latest offering – Advanced Manufacturing Edition – has been purpose built to meet the needs of manufacturers competing in a modern world. Automating and simplifying are key features of the new software, which can integrate production and resource management, sales, and finance streams into a convenient central system.

And why would you want that? Because by centralising your key data into one location, you can gain real-time visibility into everything coming in and going out of your business. What’s costing you too much? Where are your inefficiencies? Are there material or labour costs you could be saving money on?

With the Manufacturing Edition you can:

  1. Plan and coordinate across systems with just one dashboard.
  2. Track material and labour costs as you manage production.
  3. Compare planned costs to actual costs.
  4. More effectively respond to demand and market change
  5. Make informed business decisions using real-time, accurate data.


Why do I need an accredited vendor?

We understand the common industry pain points and how to maximise opportunities. In addition, we also know MYOB like the back of our hands and can combine that expertise with our experience in manufacturing to expertly guide our customers on how to get the most from their investment – taking their business to the next level.

The fact that we’re accredited proves it.

The benefits of upgrading to a system like MYOB

We’re living in the new normal, and that new normal is a world where we can’t quite be sure what tomorrow will look like.

Agility, automation, streamlining, running lean – these are all key components of a modern business. If time is money, then pushing your business to be more efficient will allow you to stop wasting time and resources on menial, inefficient tasks, and start adding more value.

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In fact, any company that is ready to be agile – to be adaptable, seize opportunity, rapidly invest – will be more likely to handle future economic disruptions like COVID-19, because it’s not rigidly bound to the old ways. That type of agility needs consistent cash flow, and consistent cash flow needs process efficiencies.

That’s where MYOB comes in. If you can streamline your systems into one advanced platform, if you can grab a hold of the real-time data that will allow you to spot weak points and fill in those hidden money pits, you’ll be well-placed to achieve the type of agility we’re talking about today.

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Stay ahead of the competition with Aztech

It’s time to talk to an accredited expert about what MYOB’s Advanced Manufacturing Edition can do for your company. Contact us today and let’s see what we can do for you.

Ready to grow your business?

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