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Business Software Systems Consulting

Choosing the right systems software partner plays a large role in how seamless and effective the end result will be.

With over 20 years working with businesses across a range of industries, Aztech has developed a comprehensive business consultancy cycle to help you choose the right solution for your needs and to identify the optimum implementation path.

Here’s how we work…

Business review: during this stage, we review your business objectives, business processes and any challenges with relevant stakeholders to identify the best system solution.

Business process improvement: undertaking a review of functions and processes can identify areas for improvement in productivity and business effectiveness. Once identified, we work with our clients to ensure that once the new system software is implemented, those areas identified for improved efficiencies are measured and ultimately achieved.

System mapping: Once the system has been identified, we map all processes to tease out any areas where customisation may be required. All proposed customisations are reviewed, documented and approved before any development work is undertaken.

Implementation: the detail is what matters when it comes to implementation, as does communication. We work with key milestones and testing frameworks to ensure a seamless implementation for clients, including the integration of custom developed functions and modules. Our implementation mantra is ‘no surprises’ for either party – communication is key, providing an open dialogue around implementation progress and any challenges that are presented throughout the process.

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Customised Business Development Solutions

Our business development expertise ensures that your specific business needs are met seamlessly and that all elements of the business development solutions are flexible to support your objectives and growth.

Perhaps more importantly, we’re focused on ensuring that all custom business development ideas and applications work in harmony with your primary business development plan, are easily transported to new releases of that solution, and are designed with the end-user in mind to ensure efficiency.

Whether you require custom reports or custom modules, our consultants are expert in scoping your requirements and designing a solution to fit.

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After Sales Business Support

Accessible, flexible business support when you need it.

Support after implementation is critical, including initial and ongoing training, responsive and accessible support for queries as they arise, and helping you to maximise the value of your system.

To support our clients once their application system is live, our consultants provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Full system training for staff at implementation
  • Full system monitoring to proactively identify any issues and promptly rectify
  • Online help and training, including a comprehensive range of manuals, tips and more
  • Training – remote access, on site or at our premises
  • Tailored staff training, to meet information needs specific to your business
  • Consultancy – regular review of your business objectives and system performance.

Aztech offers a range of business support contracts that can be tailored to your specific needs.

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