Case Study: Allied Medical


Systems not keeping up with rapid growth

Founded in 1998 by father and daughter team Ken and Katie Noble, Allied Medical. Their assistive technology ranges from easy-to-handle tools, to complex individual solutions for people living with disabilities. When Allied Medical was smaller, the functionality of MYOB Account Right suited it. But with rapid growth in the business, Managing Director Katie Noble says the company was long overdue for a change.

The multiple systems weren’t integrated, leading to hours wasted each month double-handling data and extracting important operational information. Katie says this was particularly problematic for their stock management. They needed to know “where it is, what it’s worth,” but these important rolling stock-takes were almost impossible. Generating meaningful, timely reporting from their disparate systems was also very difficult.

“We’re required to report on contract KPIs, and we also need to measure our success with funders. That was very manual and laborious,” explains Katie. Allied Medical saw more growth on the horizon, and it needed an ERP system to support that.

“We’re required to report on contract KPIs, and we also need to measure our success with funders. That was very manual and laborious.”


Flexibility, integration and up-to-date reporting

Working with MYOB Business partner Aztech, and after a lot of research, Katie says the company was able to pinpoint the software that would best suit – Exo Business. This would deliver the meaningful and up-to-date broad reporting the business needed. That included sales pipelines, products on trial, and funding requirements, all at the touch of a button. Exo Business’s flexibility meant it could be integrated with other key business systems, like the web store. Orders are imported directly into the system, creating a single point of truth.

Allied is also using Exo CRM to help manage who the team is meeting with, how often and what potential opportunities there may be for Allied Medicals products and services. Exo’s purchasing and stock control modules would help maintain optimum stock levels, and keep tabs on the import and distribution side of the business. An integration with FLOW would automate customer service around the shipments, with automated emails keeping customers up to date. Plugged into Microsoft Power BI for reporting, Katie says Exo would deliver the complete package. Their experience with Aztech was equally as positive.

“Aztech takes accountability, which we never saw from previous partners. They can see the big picture. Bottom line, we really like partnering with Aztech,” says Katie.

“MYOB Exo has supported us as we have grown.”


Doubled in size, without the growing pains

With meaningful reports at their fingertips, Allied Medical staff now know exactly what’s going on in the business, from stock levels and orders, to how they’re tracking against their overarching KPIs.

Katie says these reports have been critical in helping inform their strategic decision making, and make it faster and easier to report to stakeholders. It’s also been fundamental to their growth. Allied has doubled in size, and Katie says Exo has made the growth far less painful than it would have been.
Allied has seen dramatic improvements in its stock management – maintaining perfect stock levels, which for a distribution business can be the difference between success and failure. It means the company always has the stock and parts it needs to fill orders and put together individual solutions for clients – without the risk of overinvesting in stock.

The staff is also enjoying the extra time they now have – with no need to double-check stock levels or manually build reports in Excel, they can get back to focussing on value-add tasks.  “Exo has definitely supported us as we have grown,” says Katie. “I don’t want to remember a time before we had this system.”

“Exo has definitely supported us as we have grown. I don’t want to remember before we had this system.”


  • Poor stock control and management
  • Manual reporting out of date and time consuming
  • Hard to keep track of customers and when updates were required


  • Accurate and useful stock information supports growth
  • Customised reports deliver what Allied Medical requires
  • CRM helps manage and ensure the best call cycles are adhered to

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