Case Study: JPRO


Rigid business system limit growth

Step into a gym, church, casino, hotel, restaurant or stadium in New Zealand, and chances are you’ll be seeing equipment supplied and installed by JPRO. But as Marketing Manager Joni Benton explains, JPRO goes far beyond supplying those ‘black boxes’. “It’s how we support them that sets us apart from our competitors.”

The scene was set for JPRO to expand, but their cumbersome, rigid business systems were holding them back. “You could only use what was there, no customisations were possible,” says Joni.

Without integration across the business, even simple processes – like collating sales data from their B2B and B2C websites – were incredibly time consuming. JPRO needed faster processing, more in-depth sales analysis, and tools to make it simpler to manage their expanding integrator and dealer networks and product range.

“Brand and product group sales are vital to successful growth – finding out why the product mix is changing, and how, is key,” says Joni.

“You could only use what was there, no customisations were possible.”


Better visibility across the business

After researching the market, JPRO selected Aztech Solutions and MYOB Exo Business, using its Stock Management, Job Costing and Fixed Assets modules.

Exo Business’s serialised stock handling would greatly improve JPRO’s stock management. They would also be able to track sales from quote through to final sale and build and manage the sales pipelines.

The flexibility of the Job Costing module could support a variety of functions. It can generate service and repair jobs for their integrator and dealer network. It also monitors and controls the Product Return Authority system, to more accurately track and manage returns.

The team was impressed with the software’s capacity to deliver better product-sale and margin visibility across their client market sectors. Exo could also be seamlessly integrated with their B2C website, using API implemented by MYOB business partner, Aztech. “It works very well with Shopify,” enthuses Joni.

The move to Exo came with a surprisingly short learning curve. “We have the ability to manipulate and analyse the data ourselves,” Joni explains.

With ongoing support from Aztech, Joni can see that Exo will grow as the company does. “Aztech is a great partner. They know the system intimately, listen to what we are saying, think about what the software can offer, and steer us in the right direction,” says Joni.

“We have the ability to manipulate and analyse the data ourselves. We know that Exo can expand as we do.”


Money savings, better customer service

With their fully integrated solution, JPRO can now operate with more agility, take on more of the market and expand to others.

Joni says the “system easily handles” the visibility JPRO needs to keep tabs on demonstration equipment at numerous integrator and dealer sites across the country. This visibility has also directly impacted on their bottom line – and improved customer service.

“We have managed to reduce our stock-holding value, but still maintain the same – or better – service levels to our integrator and dealer network,” says Joni.

These savings have directly contributed to JPRO’s growth, allowing them to bring on more brands, and expand their range of demonstration equipment.

The proof of that improved service can be seen in feedback from customers, who appreciate being kept better informed on stock and technology. That, says Joni, is their number-one focus. “We’re about looking after our key clients with the support and backup that they need,” says Joni.

JPRO has developed programs, control panel designs, templates and wiring schematics to simplify the sales process for dealers, too. Facilitated by their now flexible, easy-to-use system, these tools collectively reduce the work involved by as much as 75%. “We want to make it easy for people to use the product,” says Joni.

The system has also made it easier to respond to supplier requests for change. JPRO can use the system to easily generate reports on stock levels, sales pipeline, run rates and volumes of sales. This allows them to reach out to new markets and continue to grow the business.

Joni expects to add more customisation to their solution, to fit their specific business needs as they expand. “We know that Exo can expand as we do.”

 “We’ve reduced our stock holding value, but still maintain the same – or better – service levels.”


  • Rigid, inflexible system
  • Poor reporting
  • Limited visibility of stock, debtors and sales
  • Cumbersome and slow data entry


  • Flexible systems and integration
  • Fully customisable reporting
  • Full visibility of stock, debtors and sales
  • Simple, quick and easy to use

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