Happy Holidays & Aztech Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays from the Aztech Team

Plus Aztech Holiday Hours and Contact Details

What a year it has been, I recall thinking last year at this time ‘2020’ – the opticians are going to have a field day rolling that into their marketing strategies – ‘get your vision back to 2020 with our laser technology’. Well, with 2020 hindsight I think many of us will see this year as one of challenge and change that we could not have imagined, but here we are at the end of another year with our health intact and ready for a well-deserved break.

To all of our new customers, welcome aboard; we hope that the journey through your implementation cycle went well and that you are seeing benefits from your new business solution. To our existing customers a big thank you for your continued support during 2020, we have had a few challenging projects which we have enjoyed creating for you.

It’s also time to let you know our availability over the break, we will have a skeleton crew throughout the Christmas and New Year periods; closed only on the statutory days (more details below).

Thank you all for your continued support we relish the partnerships that we have with our customers and suppliers. We look forward to working closely with you in the New Year, may your holiday season be filled with family, fun and happiness.

Happy holidays!

Aztech Holiday Hours & Contact Details

We will be providing an on call support service during normal business hours over the holiday season. If you are unable to make contact with us directly please leave a message as these will be cleared regularly.

If you have a project that you wish to undertake during this period please let me know and we can discuss resourcing options with you.

If you plan to run your month end at the end of December please be aware that support will not be available on any of the statutory days. Any support required outside normal business hours or on statutory holidays is by arrangement only and will be at negotiated rates.

Last day of regular support – Thursday 24 December 2020, offices close at 2pm Commencement of 2021 support – Monday 18 January 2021

Our contact details over this period are:
Doug: 021 923 230
Aztech Office: 09 579 4501
Aztech Email: support@aztech.co.nz

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