Our People

Doug Jones

Owner and Founder

Doug is the Owner and Director of Aztech Solutions, which he founded in 1999.  In 2001 Doug discovered MYOB EXO Business (formerly known as Exonet) and decided that this was a product that offered a great depth of functionality for a reasonable price.  Aztech now provides consultancy expertise and support services to more than 130 customers.

Having spent many years within the computer software industry, Doug has held a variety of roles from Software Developer to General Manager in several software companies before deciding to start Aztech.

Doug started his career operating computers in a bureau environment before becoming a bit more ‘nerdy’, taking up programming and then moving into a business systems analysis and design role.

Doug’s experience comes from designing and developing solutions for businesses and taking a simple yet cost effective approach to any customisation required in order to deliver critical data to help manage a business.  Doug is passionate about extracting the best from any system that he works with, looking for ‘what’s working and what’s not’ to increase productivity, performance and profitability.

“I’m very fortunate to have a great team of highly experience and motivated professionals who have similar aspirations.  We work hard to ensure that we can meet or exceed the needs of our customers.”

Contact Doug

Phone: + 64 9 579 4501
Email: doug@aztech.co.nz