COVID-19 and Your Business Preparedness Guide

COVID-19 and Your Business Preparedness Guide

Events have moved rapidly and business continuity is more important than ever.

Keeping on top of a rolling range of business constraints and support packages, lockdown restrictions, and case updates has required a fair bit of attention since the first days of COVID-19.

But regardless of the situation – for this and any disruption – there are some fundamental areas you can manage to ensure your business will remain running smoothly. Download the guide here

Read this Business Preparedness Guide for great advice on:

  • Your employees – managing pay and leave, working from home and cyber security, as well as dealing with financial hardship
  • Customers – communication, virtual services, embracing a new way of doing business
  • Premises – business interruption insurance, landlords and your essential services such as cleaning and maintenance
  • Finance – consider advice and options available from your bank as well as the Government
  • Cashflow – managing cash, including debtors, creditors, assessing finance options, overheads and expenditure
  • Other essentials – such as reviewing cash flow and budgets, financial reporting, inventory management and alternative revenue streams

Download the guide here