Case Study: Bright Light


Left in the dark

Bright Light needed easy access to up-to-date data and more visibility across the business. The existing system couldn’t manage this. The lack of information was causing an overwhelming amount of frustration for the company. “I looked at a number of ERP products and evaluated them all,” says Steve Marshall, Bright Light Director. “To my mind, MYOB Exo covered all of what I wanted and appeared to be capable of giving me what I need.” He adds, “What’s more, my wife uses MYOB Exo and recommended I use it too.”

“MYOB Exo covered all of what I wanted.”


Shining the spotlight on Exo

Steve contacted Aztech Solutions Limited, an MYOB Exo Platinum Partner, to install the new system. “We had been thinking about our requirements for over 12 months, so we had a good idea of what we were looking for,” explains Steve. “Some of the specific functionality was built as a result of what we had already identified as a necessity. The rest was done post implementation, once we started working with Exo.” Steve says that overall,

“We were very happy with the outcome. Aztech are very professional and they came back to us in the indicated time-frames of when we could expect a response. Installation went as smoothly as one could expect given we were running in a live environment”.

“We were very happy with the outcome.”


Strong support

Steve is confident with his decision to use Exo, explaining, “This has been the right decision for all the right reasons. We have gained financially from the implementation of Exo.” He adds, “Exo has given us tremendous visibility. As an example, our stock ordering has migrated from a ‘wet finger in the air best guess’ to definite numbers in real time.”

“With Exo being customised for Bright Light, there are so many reports that are unique not only to our industry, but to us,” says Steve. Custom-built sales reports have provided Bright Light with more visibility, plus the analytics report is now a go-to for Steve and the team. Steve explains, “Analytics is used all day long. We are getting better profit and loss information and quicker access to data.”

The most significant contribution Exo has made to Bright Light is in the area of stock ordering. “This has saved us tens of thousands of dollars because we don’t purchase too much stock,” says Steve. “We are purchasing the right stock in the right quantities at the right time. Now we can see what we sell in real time and it is reflected immediately”

 “We have gained financially from the implementation of Exo.”


  • Software lacked sophistication
  • Information could not be accessed in a timely manner
  • System did not provide enough visibility.


  • Real-time visibility
  • Customised reports specific to Bright Light’s needs
  • Saved tens of thousands of dollars on stock ordering.

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