Our People

Beverley McCabe

Business Systems Specialist

Beverley joined the team at Aztech in 2012. Her ability to find solutions where others may see problems makes her a valuable member of the team.

Beverley’s previous background was in a variety of service roles where communication and the ability to listen are key.  She has also worked with smaller ERP systems in the past and always enjoyed the challenges that learning and implementing a product brings.

Beverley knows MYOB Exo and Advanced very well and enjoys consulting with customers; analysing their needs and business processes and building a solution to meet those needs.  Beverley has developed some very creative solutions for various customers to meet their unique or specific requirements.

Making things easier for all customers through a thorough understanding of your business and making the product work for you is Beverley’s primary objective.

“The customisable design of MYOB Exo makes it a wonderful product to work with and enables solutions to be designed and built to meet some very complex needs”.

Beverley is certified in the following products:

  • MYOB Exo
  • MYOB Advanced
  • Advanced Finance Badge
  • Advanced Security Badge
  • FLOW EDI Software
  • TimeTrak

Beverley’s strengths are her ability to listen and interpret a customers’ needs and then to develop or configure that solution using a variety of tools.  With strong people skills and an in-depth knowledge of business systems Beverley will endeavour to exceed your expectations.

The challenge for Beverley is not just creating a solution but designing a solution that makes a real difference to the customers business processes and saves time and money for the staff that use the solution.

Contact Beverley

Phone: + 64 9 579 4501
Email: beverley@aztech.co.nz