Welcoming several new companies to our Aztech client community

Aztech welcomes new sites!

We welcome several new companies to our Aztech client community

MYOB Exo is a very flexible and feature rich product that lends itself to many different business types, our recent customers include two manufacturing businesses:

Hydraulics Industry: Founded in 1987, initially importing and marketing hydraulic fittings, this business has grown significantly and now includes the manufacture of its own branded product.  With significant experience in the hydraulics industry this business offers quality products and a high level of service and support for the Australasian market.  They provide a diverse range of fittings with manufacturing processes and business practises that ensure quality. All products are manufactured to meet international standards and recognised industry norms, custom design and manufacture of parts when required.  With a corporate culture of zero compromise you are assured of quality, service and support anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Precast Concrete Industry: Our second customer has a solid background supplying top quality custom precast concrete components and stone or concrete pavers for over a decade.  This has given the company a great name and a loyal clientele of developers, landscape designers and architects.

Rated No.1 by top architects and landscapers this company is the preferred supplier of precast concrete architectural components and custom concrete pavers for many commercial businesses and property owners.  With a strong belief that a firm foundation of high quality products and excellent customer service are required for success.  Rated as Auckland’s best precast concrete suppliers – architectural precast and paving are all manufactured with a total commitment to excellence.

MYOB Advanced

Our most recent sale is of the MYOB Advanced ‘cloud’ product.

It is exciting to see the changes in software and how it is delivered with the ‘cloud’ solutions becoming more popular each year.  We have our websites, backups and some applications in the cloud already (Microsoft Office 365) and it is a simple step to take your business application there as well.

One of our existing Exo sites has decided to make that move to provide an easy environment for doing business from anywhere on any browser based device.

From its origins in 1982 to becoming the market leader in Australasia providing an extensive range of spa and pool filters through a combination of exceptional product quality, innovative processes, and highly trained and committed staff. As a steadily growing business, they are now manufacturing both for the local NZ market as well as exporting to Australia, the Pacific Islands, South East Asia, North America and Europe.  Their products include their own brand, custom branded and co-branded product.  They can also design and manufacture for your requirements if you can’t find exactly what you need.  Using high quality raw materials and the most up-to-date manufacturing machinery and processes they ensure that their products provide the highest quality filter cartridges to the market.

Why Cloud?

A Cloud environment allows you to become more mobile without the need for you to have specialised software and a suitable device available to enable you to login remotely to a server.  Any smart device that supports a browser can give you the ability to get to your business application and see what is happening.  Maintaining a PC’s software, Microsoft Operating system updates, anti-virus software, hardware updates and vulnerabilities, Office Software (WORD, EXCEL etc) and a myriad of patches and updates is expensive; we often don’t stop and calculate the cost of the downtime.  There is a whole industry of ‘anti’ products that have come into being over the last 20 years all to stop invasion of our databases and if you don’t continue to invest you become more vulnerable.

Ensuring that your site is secure and that the ability for viruses, hackers and ransomware specialists to hop on board is becoming significantly more expensive each year. The threat of attack and the additional spend are many of the reasons that customers are looking for a secure server environment that they don’t need to maintain nor upgrade on a regular basis.

We’re not suggesting that there are no downsides with ‘cloud’ environments and that some people like to have their data where they can see it, but the world is changing!

If you Tweet, Facebook or use Pinterest then you are cloud savvy already. How much longer will it take your you to throw caution to the wind and put your most precious asset (your application data) into the cloud and reduce the risks associated with an on premise environment?

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