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E-commerce integration for MYOB Advanced and MYOB EXO

Reduced business administrative costs by automating your online sales process. With a new normal, now is the time to take your business online.

What is MYOB Advanced E-commerce Integration?

Combining MYOB Advanced with an E-commerce website is a smart solution that lets you integrate and manage your products and sales orders in a simpler and more automatic way.

Our clients love the results of integrating MYOB Advanced with their E-commerce platform because once fully integrated, it will simplify how they manage their day-to-day activities. They no longer need to enter data manually as everything from their website will be synced automatically to MYOB Advanced (and vice versa).

And the best thing is, we’ll make sure the migration process would be streamlined and free of hassle. We have in-house experts that can help and guide you along the process, right from the get-go until the transition is completely done.

Why Do You Need Your E-commerce Website Integrated?

If you think your business is spending too much time on admin expenses, then MYOB Advanced in combination with your E-commerce website is the perfect solution for you. You can reduce admin costs by automating all ordering process.

Assimilating MYOB Advanced with your E-commerce website means you can share product information, customer data and send orders directly from your online shop to MYOB Advanced and vice versa.

Once we’ve integrated your E-commerce website to MYOB Advanced, you and your customers will start seeing a huge improvement in the shopping experience on your E-commerce website. Customers can see all your product information live, and you can automate the ordering process. Once you’ve experienced this smart system, you will never look back to the old, manual system!

Benefits of MYOB Advanced Integration:

  • Faster and simpler than any manual systems
  • Reduced admin costs and eliminate human error
  • Customers can now order online 24/7
  • Easily create special prices and promotions
  • Keep all product information up-to-date on both platforms
  • Keep all customer data up-to-date on both platforms