Automation opportunities: quick wins and big gains

Automation opportunities: quick wins and big gains

Finding better, faster ways of performing tasks is at the heart of successful business.

Automation is a key way to achieve efficiencies in everyday activities; those that produce quick wins and big gains. For example:

  • Increased productivity: Automating tasks that do not need human intervention speeds up processing time and frees up staff to work on more profitable tasks.
  • Growth without additional staff costs: By automating what is definable, you take away much of the mundane tasks involved within each role; meaning fewer people to look after more. This helps you to grow your business, without increasing resources needed to support it.
  • Quality control: Removing human intervention in processes often delivers greater accuracy and reduces the risk of error.
  • Opportunity focus: Focussing staff on activities that drive growth and profit helps to drive a culture of high-performance and achievement.

Getting Started with Automation

Step one: Review your business processes, looking for those that are repeated frequently and don’t need human intervention to make decisions to complete the cycle.

Step two: Assess the time involved in running the process manually and consider other tasks the employee responsible could be performing should you choose to automate. Do these two things equal a significant opportunity?

Step three: Prioritise the processes you’ve identified as automation opportunities. Which ones do you want to work with first? Which will produce the greatest results?

Step four: Assess the automation investment needed for each process. What is the cost and how quickly will the change pay for itself. For example, if a process costs the business 10 hours a week and the automation investment is $X, how many weeks will it take to pay for the change.

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