Case Study: Asnet Technologies


Disparate systems “a mess”

Asnet is the largest independent audio and video conferencing services company in New Zealand, with offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch providing national coverage and a worldwide focus. This global business is far from simple. They also work with several major partner networks to extend their business and manage large projects.

EXO Business was already implemented but more needed to be done. Multiple systems were being used for payroll, invoicing, email, project tracking and financials – all disparate and with no integration. As Eric Greenop, CEO of Asnet explains, when he first purchased the company, spreadsheets were used to connect these systems manually.

“The systems were a bit of a mess,” he says.

It was difficult to calculate the sales margins on projects before they began and keeping up with after-sales service and maintenance contracts was an administrative nightmare.

With technology continuously changing, the inventory needs to as well, or it can quickly become obsolete. It was clear to Eric that the manual processes were holding the company back.

“We needed an ERP system to improve efficiencies while delivering value for money.”


Slicker integration

After a review, their MYOB Business partner Aztech Solutions recommended adding MYOB Exo modules Job Costing, Fixed Assets and CRM. This would centralise the company’s data and complete their business management system, with simplicity, scalability and standardisation. This allowed the company to become more productive faster, and with better information for reporting.

“We have been able to add additional modules to grow the business,” says Eric.

Prior to quoting on projects, salespeople would be able to see overall projected sales margins on the project at glance, so they could make adjustments to ensure profitability. Once the project commenced the many serialised part numbers could be captured, along with service and installation time, to provide accurate reporting of profitability.

Support and maintenance of their solutions is a large part of Asnet’s business. By integrating their existing customer services system with Exo, the company could provide a higher level of customer support.

Aztech provided the support and services for integrating other products, along with support, training and advice on how to achieve the business goals – and Eric couldn’t be happier with their service.

“Asnet would not have stayed with Aztech if the service wasn’t good” says Eric.

“We have been able to add additional modules to grow the business.”


Asnet sees the way to growth with business visibility

With a full ERP system, data is entered once, and is visible throughout the system for staff and management. This replaces data held in disparate systems and hours wasted managing individual spreadsheets.

This removed legacy roadblocks, while improving reporting and the visibility of opportunities, existing projects and profitability means Eric and the team can spend less time on administration and more time on growing the business. He can track the performance of different areas of business, to ensure they’re making decisions that maximise opportunities

With the CRM and Opportunities modules they can manage their multimillion-dollar pipeline, with a clear monthly view of the potential income and expected product demand.

This means they have the data to ensure they have the stock and cashflow commitments required to meet that demand.

By fully using Exo they’ve set the scene for growth, with one view of the business, accurate stock control and real-time performance reporting.


  • No integration between multiple systems
  • Spreadsheets and manual capture of data was error-prone
  • Multiple vendors required for support


  • Fully integrated systems with greater visibility
  • Integration with customer service system
  • Strong partnership with a single system supplier

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