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May 6, 2015 News Posts

2015 – Updates

In progress projects – EXO Business EXO OnTheGo availability to all users Firstly, a reminder to all that as of 1 January 2015, we  changed the licencing for EXO OnTheGo to provide one free licence to every licenced staff member of your business.  EXO OnTheGo is an iPad app designed specifically for sales staff and

March 17, 2015 News Posts

End of Financial Year

Important Information for Year End Welcome to another financial year close off. To help you finish off the year we have complied a helpful document to guide you through the process.  

February 27, 2015 News Posts

Making Business Life Easier

Running a business can be a challenge. We aim to make business life easier for our clients by providing business management solutions from MYOB. MYOB have given over a million businesses the freedom to focus on the work they really love, by making their business life easier.

November 22, 2014 News Posts

Software compatibility chart – MYOB EXO Business

Upgrading your business systems software is impacted by your current software and compatibility requirements. We’ve prepared a handy chart to help you check compatibility with the latest version of MYOB EXO Business. Click here for more.  

November 19, 2014 News Posts

MYOB EXO Business – Version 2015.1

MYOB EXO Business version 2015.1 is now available, bringing enhancements to Sales Orders and updates to the Analysis tabs of Debtors, Creditors, Stock items and General Ledger accounts. This release also builds on the search templates feature that was introduced in a previous version. Click here for an overview of all new features.

August 31, 2014 News Posts

Defining the challenges of a growing business

As a business grows in size and complexity, it can bring new challenges and opportunities. Managing multiple locations, increased stock items or simply additional demand for your services can all come about due to expansion. Get the MYOB Whitepaper by clicking here.    

May 13, 2014 News Posts


Important CRM data for marketing 
Depending on the product or service and existing communication processes, businesses store a variety of data. Information such as business size, industry, age of business to purchases, responses to marketing campaigns previously sent, and specific areas of needs etc. The more information you have about your customers, the more effective

March 28, 2014 News Posts


Search Phase One
 The best way to approach purchasing of a new system is to rate the elements of the system that you currently use. Document the strengths (what it does well and the things you like about it) and weaknesses (what you don’t like or what it cannot do for you).  When the list